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HMH Consultants & Security Services

London, UK & Houston, TX

Physical and Cyber Security Services

Professional security, physical or cyber, should be seldom seen but always present. This is accomplished with in-depth advanced planning developed from risk based analysis, remaining adaptable and agile as circumstances change.
HMH offers a wide range of of Physical and Cyber Security Services, ranging from Close Protection for Private Clients and their Familes, properties and assets through to protection of digital identities and testing of organisational digital assets.

Physical Security Solutions

Global executives, high net-worth, high profile individuals, celebrities and groups, are increasingly facing a growth of personal and risks.

Meanwhile, the impact of theft, damage to premises or equipment, or the threat to the personal safety of staff and visitors continues to grow.

Las Vegas, Paris, Nice, Westminster, London Bridge, Manchester, Orlando. Major atrocities are rarely far from the headlines these days.


Cyber Security Assessments

In today’s technological world, as we move to the “Internet of Things” nearly everything is connected to the web.

Cyber Security Assessments realistic insight into potential security gaps within your organizations networks, IoT devices, web and mobile applications.

We simulate cyber attack against your Infrastructure and Web connected systems to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.


Cyber Security Training

Protection is only as strong as the weakest link in any chain. That weakest link is often the individual, either in error, or just not knowing.

Today, phishing is the top social attack on both individuals  and businesses, responsible for more than 90 percent of security breaches.

We train and, more importantly, test individuals using a schedule of phishing campaigns and  video training.


Cyber Security Solutions

Whilst the weakest link is usually the individual, we recognise that technology can help prevent breaches by stopping most human errors.

However, technology solutions need to be simple and intuitive,  or individuals won’t use it and the benefit is lost, the investment wasted.

We specialise in the human side of technology, ensuring any suggestions help people to become secure and remain protected.


Cyber Security Advisory

As we move to the “Internet of  Things” and legislation and regulation catches up, it has never been more important to protect your business data.

This is even more important since the start of the Global Pandemic and ever more people are working from home and sharing devices with family members.

We have many years experience we call on to to prioritise what is essential, what is important and what is affordable.



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