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Physical Security

Corporate Security, Venue Security, Executive Protection, Physical Reviews With Social Engineering

Corporate Security

Businesses understand the impact of theft, damage to premises or equipment, or the threat to the personal safety of staff and visitors, let alone the ever-growing cyber threat, but do you really know how to determine the best course of action, particularly as we recover from the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Venue Security

Las Vegas, Paris, Nice, Westminster, London Bridge, Manchester, Orlando. Major atrocities are rarely far from the headlines these days. Despite this the threats are much wider.

  • International terror
  • Lone gunmen,

Executive Protection

Society is increasingly volatile. Global executives, high net-worth, high profile individuals, celebrities and groups, are increasingly facing a growth of personal and risks. The news is often filled by reports of stalking and knife and gun related muggings, carjacking and stalking, while business pages report kidnappings. Celebrities and influencers are regularly surrounded by adoring fans.

Physical Reviews With Social Engineering

Physical assessments embrace Social engineering; an uncomfortable subject. The assessor will go out of his/her way to make friends with and the abuse this friendship to undermine members of staff. Social Engineering ranges from “stalking” someone to learn about the target or organisation to walking up to people smoking outside the firedoor, starting to chat and then following that person back in the building. The assessor relies on predictable human behaviour to collect information and gain access to restricted areas.