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HMH Consultants & Security Services

London, UK & Houston, TX

Cyber Security Solutions

Implementation of Protection.

Cybersecurity is one of the most active areas of IT spending; both because of the move to work from home during the Global Pandemic and, as more and more people put their lives online, cybercriminals are finding much easier pickings.

Once HMH has worked with you to identify areas of weakness, it would be remiss of us if we weren’t prepared to offer solutions that help you lock down to fix those gaps. These are carefully selected to offer a great return both in terms of security improvement and easy of use, while being affordable and scaleable. 

Data Breach & Cyber Monitoring

Data Breach monitoring leverages a combination of artificial intelligence and verified by a human intelligence analyst. The system scours criminal chat rooms, blogs, Websites and bulletin boards, forums, private networks and other black-market sites all located within the dark web areas of the internet, 24/7, 365 days a year to identify your companies stolen credentials and your personally identifiable information. The system then emails you of a breach find within 24hours so we can help mitigate this threat before it is used against you.


Cyber Technology SOlutions

Web-based applications allow employees to do their jobs from almost anywhere, but they also open your organization to risk. Payroll and HR platforms, CRM and Marketing Automation tools, travel sites, banking sites, and social media accounts are accessed by your employees many times throughout a day.

HMH have a suite of carefully curated tools that help enfoirce the policies that allow your staff to work optimally.